Golf Balls or Tee Tees!

It’s a GIRL!

We truly take modern medicine for granted! It’s amazing that we’re able to find out in a few short months (plus a few hundred dollars worth of genetic testings lol), the gender of our future babes! No more guessing games or silly Wives Tales. Good bye Chinese Gender Prediction methods (i.e. pulling strands of hair out and wrapping it around your gorgeous wedding ring and hoping for a specific swing or way- direction) and/or mean sayings such as, “Baby girls steal their mother’s beauty.”

With that said, we’re now able to come up with fun gender reveal ideas and for some, piggy back it with an excuse to get together with our friends and loved ones. So in typical Greig fashion, we threw together a very last minute party to announce our Baby’s Gender before we took off for a week on our Babymoon.

The Theme: Golf Balls or Tee Tee’s! This theme, of course, only makes sense if ya’ll knew what my husband does for a living. My sweet hubby is a Head Golf Professional at a private country club here in Arizona. So we only found it fitting to come up with a unique theme that was centered around that! I still laugh thinking about a conversation I had with my girlfriend when she first pitched this idea. She stood in the middle of a Sprouts shopping center with her 1 year old twins in tow, laughing to herself about the genius saying she just came up with- I can only imagine what everyone around her must’ve thought of seeing this crazy mom of twins laughing to herself! Oh to be a fly on the wall.

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